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Tiger Wall

Mindset Moments

Does a star have less responsibility to the team than other players? Is it just their role to be great and win games? Or does a star have more responsibility than other? What does Michael Jordan think?
"In our society sometimes it's hard to come to grips with filling a role instead of trying to be a superstar," says Jordan. A superstar's talent can win games, but it's teamwork that wins championships.

IFHS Homecoming 2014
When the Tigers prowl at night, the Bobcats scamper at fright.

Mon, Sep 29...Royalty Voting during advisory
Wed, Oct 1....Royalty run-off vote - if necessary - 2nd hour
Thu, Oct 2....Hallway decorating
Fri, Oct 3....Street Art, 8a.m.-noon
Mon, Oct 6....Powderpuff 7p.m. & 8p.m.
Tue, Oct 7....Skit practices 6:30p.m.
Wed, Oct 8....Skit night, 7p.m.
Fri, Oct 10...Homecoming Assembly
Fri, Oct 10...Homecoming Parade
Fri, Oct 10...Homecoming Football Game
Sat, Oct 11...Homecoming Dance

IFHS Sports Trivia

Q1. When was the first IFHS vs SHS football game played (m/d/y)?
Q2. Who won the first IFHS vs SHS football game?
Q3. Who was heavily favored to win the first IFHS vs SHS football game?
Q4. What were the first few IFHS vs SHS football games called?
Q5. When was the big game first called the Emotion Bowl (year)?
Q6. How many current IFHS teachers, adnministrators, and staff have played in the Emotion Bowl?
Q7. When did IFHS win it's first Emotion Bowl?

IFHS Sports Trivia Answers

A1. November 11, 1966 (Veterans Day)
A2. Skyline 19 Idaho Falls 15
A3. Idaho Falls Tigers were heavily favored to win
A4. Anual Veterans Day Football Game
A5. Stay tuned
A6. Stay tuned
A7. Stay tuned


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IFHS Seeks Parent Input

Online Survey
Idaho Falls High School’s programs are being reviewed this year to make sure they meet the high standards you have come to expect from IFHS. All Idaho high schools undergo this kind of rigorous, on-site external review every few years to ensure schools are providing students with opportunities that allow them to reach their full potential. An important part of this accreditation review is feedback from parents. IFHS parents are asked to take a few minutes to complete the following online survey: All responses are anonymous. If you prefer, paper copies of the survey and Spanish surveys are available in Idaho Falls High School's office. Questions? Send them to us.

School Assembly-Sept 5, 2015

Volleyball - Hillcrest
IFHS wins 3-1

Tiger Pride Video 2014

Tiger Pride Night Video