Student Learning MathPathways and Stepping Stones
Serves elementary age children who have been diagnosed with autism or other autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Participants will also demonstrate needs for a highly structured program that focuses on behavior management. The Pathways program serves students K-6 on the severe to moderate range of the autism spectrum. Stepping Stones serves students K-1 ranging moderate to mild.

The Pathways classroom is located at Edgemont Elementary School. The Stepping Stones program is located at Erickson Elementary School. 

Pathways teachers use research-based instruction models, i.e., Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and the TEACCH methodology developed at the University of North Carolina. TEACCH stands for Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication Handicapped Children. Students in the classroom follow the Idaho state standards and their Individualized Education Plans. Students attend general education classes and activities usually with appropriate individual support for a portion of the school day.  Referral to the Pathways program is made through the consulting special education staff.

Student with laptopASD Program for Secondary Students (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
This program is designed for secondary students with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (high functioning) whose IEP team has determined that they need moderate supports to help them function with independence at school.

Students who participate in this program meet daily for assistance with organization, emotional support, and re-teaching topics that have been misunderstood. This model provides a delicate balance between support and independence. The program is at Idaho Falls High School.

The Behavioral Support Division is designed to offer information and assistance in meeting the needs of students with emotional and/or behavioral problems. The goal of the behavioral support division is to assist schools in serving the needs of students with emotional and/or behavioral problems through a coordinated set of services and programs in school and the community. Principals may schedule a meeting with the district behavior specialist to review and make recommendations for students.

Molino Pete  Pete Molino
  Behavior Specialist
  Phone 705-6757
  E-mail: .

spec ed studentsServes school age children and youth with moderate disabilities in the developmental areas of cognitive skills, adaptive skills, communication skills, personal/social skills and motor skills. There are seven DACC classrooms in the district: one at Dora Erickson Elementary (grades K-2), one at Ethel Boyes Elementary (grades 3-6), one at Eagle Rock Middle School (grades 7-8), one at Taylorview Middle School (grades 7-8), two at Idaho Falls High School (grades 9-12), and one at Skyline High School (grades 9-12).

DACC curriculum focuses on functional reading and math skills using routines that involve all of the senses. Visual cuing, assistive technology, and alternate communication, are typical interventions in the DACC program. Students participate in general education activities for social development. Classes are usually capped at 12 students.

The guidelines for participation in DACC include documentation the student has a significant cognitive impairment. Typically, the ability full scale standard score will be less than 65. Referral to the DACC program is made through the consulting special education staff.

Dan Keck, Special Education Director   Dan Keck
   Special Education Director
   Phone: 208-525-7568 


Hayley Orcutt, Consulting Special Education Staff  Hayley Morisson
  Consulting Staff
  Phone: 208-525-7691