There are eight bus zones in the Idaho Falls School. Please become familiar with your zone so you'll know whether you're affected by road closures, late buses or other problems during bad weather.

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ZONE ONE – “The Far West”
This zone is everything west of N 65th W and S 65th W (aka Cinder Butte Rd.) in our district. 65th W is usually the point along the Arco Hwy that the road is closed in bad weather.

    • Students that live on 65th W are in this zone.
    • Schools affected: Westside, ERJH, & SHS and a small part of Fox Hollow.

ZONE TWO – “Osgood Area”
Starting at W 17th N & N 26th W, this zone goes west along W 17th N (Airway Rd.) to N 65th W and then north to the Jefferson County Line and then east in Interstate 15 and south to W 33rd N and then along the airport back to the starting point.

    • Students that live on W 17th N and in the Rosewood area are included in this zone.
    • Schools affected: Westside, ERJH, & SHS

ZONE THREE -  “Rural Fox Hollow area”
This zone covers most of the rural Fox Hollow boundary. Starting on W 17th S (Mill Rd.) and Newman Dr. this zone goes west to S 65th W and then south to W 49th S (Peterson Rd.) and then west to the river and north to the starting point.

    • Students that live on W 17th S are in this zone.
    • Schools affected: Fox Hollow, ERJH & SHS and a small part of Westside.

ZONE FOUR – W. Broadway,  Sunset Trl. Ct.
Starting at W 17th S and S 35th W then west to 65th W then north to W 17th N then east to N 35th W (Osgood Rd.) then south along 35th W to the starting point.

    • This zone would include Romantica Dr. & Francisca Ln.
    • This does NOT include the Village
    • Schools affected: Westside, ERJH & SHS.

ZONE FIVE – “The Deep South”
This zone is everything in our district west of the river and south of W 65th S (York Rd.).

    • Students that live on York Rd. are in this zone.
    • Schools affected: Longfellow, Sunnyside, TVJH, SHS, & IFHS

ZONE SIX – “The Mid-South”
This zone is everything west of the river in between W 49th S (Township) and W 65th S all the way to the east boundary.

    • Students that live on W 49th S are in this zone. Also includes Gem Lake.
    • Schools affected: Longfellow, Sunnyside, TVJH, SHS, & IFHS

ZONE SEVEN – Sage Lakes Area
This zone is everything in our district east of the river and north of 33rd N.

    • Schools affected: Temple View, ERJH, & SHS

This zone is the rest of the district, mostly the in-town area.

School BusOur transportation staff is working on new bus stops and routes for the Temple View families that will be attending Ethel Boyes this fall due a boundary change. Once that is completed the Bus Stop look up will be available again. Please check back after July 8th. 

School BusOur transportation department takes pride in safely transporting our students to and from school each day. Our drivers transport approximately 3,300 students each school day and travel about 63,000 miles per month. The district has more than 50 drivers and 60 buses in its fleet. Please help us keep your children safe. Remind them that when traveling on a school bus, or waiting on at a bus stop, they should conduct themselves just as they would in a classroom. 

Rules of Conduct:
The driver is in full charge of the bus and pupils. We will not tolerate any behaviors that prevent our drivers from carrying out their responsibilities, that intimidate others, or that prevent fellow passengers from having a safe ride to and from school. Pupils must obey requests of the driver promptly and willingly.  Such requests may include, but are not limited to:

  • Specific seat assignments
  • Students assistance in keeping the bus clean
  • Requiring students to maintain unobstructed aisles
  • Maintaining proper conduct of students

Students Loading and Unloading:

  • Enter bus with least possible confusion.
  • If necessary to cross the road; cross 10 feet in front of bus and wait at the front of bus for driver’s signal before crossing traffic lane.
  • Remain on the sidewalk (back from curb) until bus comes to a complete stop.
  • No fighting, harassment, pushing, shoving, cutting in line.
  • Do not hitch rides on rear bumper.
  • Student must be on time and should load and unload the bus only at assigned school and home bus stops.
  • Students will identify themselves (name and address) if asked to do so by bus driver or any district employee.
  • Students will ride their assigned bus route.

Riding the Bus:

  • Follow driver’s requests promptly.
  • Go directly to an available seat and remain seated; facing forward.
  • Keep your hands, feet, and all other objects to yourself.
  • No profane or inappropriate language or gestures. No harassment of any kind.
  • No destruction of any property. Restitution must be paid and charges may be filed.
  • No weapons of any kind will be allowed on a bus.
  • Carry-on items will be limited to those items that can be held on rider’s lap.
  • Food or drink will be allowed only with permission from the driver.
  • No yelling, screaming, or loud talking on the bus.
  • Any other misbehavior or disruption will not be tolerated.