Idaho Falls School District 91 believes in the idea of neighborhood schools. Our school boundaries are drawn so that most elementary schools feed into a middle school that then feeds into the high school students are zoned to attend. For an overview of these boundaries see our Attendance Boundary Map Use the Find Your School feature to find the neighborhood school that you are zoned to attend. Questions? Send them to us




Cold WeatherIn Idaho Falls School District 91, our students' safety is our first priority. In the winter, it's not unusual for temperatures in eastern Idaho to dip well below zero, and reach as low as 20 below with the wind chill factor. Occasionally, these cold temperatures and other severe weather conditions make it necessary to close schools for the safety of our students.

The Superintendent makes the decision to close school by 6:30 a.m. based on the best information available. The Superintendent considers early morning temperatures, the day’s forecasted temperatures, wind chill and other factors.

Parents always have the right to decide what is best for their family and can keep their children home if they believe the weather is too severe for them to attend school. Children who stay home will need a note from a parent or guardian excusing their absence and the absence will be counted as a verified absence.

The following guidelines give staff and parents information about what to expect with school closures. If you have questions or need more information, please email us.

Early Release For Bad Weather:

  • Closures for cold weather are determined by air temperature and/or wind chill projections for the day.

  • When city streets are passable, closures may be limited to rural bus routes. Know what bus zone you reside in so you'll know whether you're affected by road closures.

  • On rare occasions, students riding rural bus routes may be released from school early due to the onset of a severe blizzard. On such occasions, rural bus students will be sent home on the bus.

  • Elementary school students will board a bus only after a parent/guardian has been contacted and confirmed that someone will be home or that the student can gain access to their house.

  • Secondary students will be permitted to return home by bus or via their own transportation without a parent/guardian being home as long as the student can gain access to their home.

  • All other students will remain at school and be released at the close of school or to parents.

Closure for mechanical failures such as heating systems, buses, power outages:

  • These closures are generally limited to schools affected by the specific mechanical failure.

School closure announcements will be made in several ways
The district will use every means to let parents and staff know about school closures including: text messages, announcements on local radio and TV stations, and the district website and hotline at 525-7502.

SupportOurSchoolsGenerous donations from parents and patrons have always made a big difference in our classrooms.

It is easy to donate directly to your favorite school using a donation form. You can pick up a form at your neighborhood school or download one. (See the list at right.)

Complete the form and drop it off at your favorite school along with your donation. Keep the receipt at the bottom of the form for your tax records. Your donation could be eligible for a tax credit or a tax deduction. 

Another way to support our schools is to support the District 91 Education Foundation, which now is actively raising money to benefit district-wide programs and initiatives. The foundation has changed its focus in hopes of having a bigger impact on students and teachers. It currently administers several grant programs that benefit students and teachers across the district, as well as many scholarship funds that help students make their college dreams come true.

We appreciate your support and your donation. Thank you! Thank you!


Sport BallsIdaho Falls School District 91 is committed to creating student athletes in a competitive culture. Guide to District 91 Athletics

Our Sports Philosophy:
We believe the key to accomplishing this goal is:

  • Encouraging and developing student athletes and providing sufficient opportunities for students to develop individual abilities.
  • Encouraging the development of team spirit among all members of our teams and their coaches.
  • Developing good attitudes of pride, sportsmanship, and ethical behavior in students, participants and spectators.
  • Developing and maintaining good relationships between athletic teams and student bodies, faculties, administrators and the community.
  • Teaching the fundamentals and techniques of each sport in a progressive sequence through developing programs for grades 7-12 through a coordinated effort.

Our Goals & Objectives for Our Sports Programs:
The goal of Idaho Falls School District 91's athletic programs is to develop student athletes in a competitive culture by:

  • Providing activities that meet the needs of a variety of student interests and abilities.
  • Fostering a culture committed to excellence and reaching the highest possible level of achievement.
  • Providing value-based programs focused on good character.
  • Promoting the understanding of the value of activities in the educational process.
  • Promoting and representing a positive image of school activities.
  • Providing opportunities for the student athlete to seek and achieve academic, athletic and personal potential.
  • Providing and encouraging professional development for coaches through school district events/activities.

Parent Code of Conduct
A parent’s “Coaching Job” is the toughest one of all and takes a lot of effort. Sometimes in a desire to help your child, best intentions can end up being counterproductive. Applying the rules of Positive Sports Parenting can go a long way toward promoting sportsmanship and fostering an environment where your child can enjoy and excel in sports. Read More...

Concussion Guidelines
District 91 takes care to ensure all extracurricular activities are as safe as practicable, it is not possible to remove all danger from such activities, and the District acknowledges that concussions may result. The purpose of this policy is to address situations in which student concussions have occurred or are suspected to have occurred. Read More...