spec ed studentsServes school age children and youth with moderate disabilities in the developmental areas of cognitive skills, adaptive skills, communication skills, personal/social skills and motor skills. There are seven DACC classrooms in the district: one at Dora Erickson Elementary (grades K-2), one at Ethel Boyes Elementary (grades 3-6), one at Eagle Rock Middle School (grades 7-8), one at Taylorview Middle School (grades 7-8), two at Idaho Falls High School (grades 9-12), and one at Skyline High School (grades 9-12).

DACC curriculum focuses on functional reading and math skills using routines that involve all of the senses. Visual cuing, assistive technology, and alternate communication, are typical interventions in the DACC program. Students participate in general education activities for social development. Classes are usually capped at 12 students.

The guidelines for participation in DACC include documentation the student has a significant cognitive impairment. Typically, the ability full scale standard score will be less than 65. Referral to the DACC program is made through the consulting special education staff.