Certified Sick Leave Bank 
Each new teacher of the District will participate in the sick leave bank unless he/she notifies the district in writing that he/she does not wish to participate. To participate, each employee will contribute a prescribed number of his/her earned sick leave days as determined by the Sick Leave Bank Committee. Sick leave days thus contributed shall be deducted from the individual’s sick leave entitlement. The contributed sick leave days shall form a fund of sick leave days that will be available to all eligible participating teachers upon recommendation of the Sick Leave Bank Committee for the purpose of alleviating the hardship caused by absence from work necessitated by extended or recurring illness extending beyond the employee’s accumulated sick leave. 

Classified Sick Leave Bank

Full-time employees who have one year of continuous, uninterrupted service with the District and an accumulation of the equivalent of twelve unused sick leave days may join the Classified Sick Leave Bank during the open enrollment period (August 15th – September 30th) by donating the equivalent of two days of their available sick leave to the bank. A bank member who has an extended illness and has used all of his/her sick leave and other appropriate leave may apply to the Classified Sick Leave Bank for additional paid sick leave days after a mandatory four days loss of pay.

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