School NurseSchool Nurses (RN):
A Registered Nurse is housed at each high school. Each nurse has specific responsibilities to oversee the general health issues of the district. School nurses supervise the work of Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) or Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs) assigned to individual students, schools or classrooms with students who have significant medical needs. The nurses may provide medical and health-related counseling to students. School nurses provide training on the administration of medications at school. Building principals may make referrals to the school nurse on behalf of those students with significant medical needs. RNs are supervised by the Director of Student Services.

School Nurse (LPN):
A Licensed Practical Nurse is housed at each middle school and at Temple View Elementary. LPNs are also on call for the elementary schools in their attendance area. LPNs provide first aide, emergency care and they may do delegated tasks under the supervision of the RN. The LPN’s immediate supervisor is the building administrator so assigned.

General Ed Homebound Services:
The homebound instruction program is provided to students who for reasons of accident, illness, or other extenuating health-related circumstances; find it necessary to interrupt their normal school attendance. Homebound is not the same as home schooling and is not considered a substitute for regular classroom instruction. The Homebound provider who visits the student at home, as needed, delivers instruction materials in cooperation with the classroom teacher. The school provides the homebound assignments. The student is not counted as absent while receiving homebound services. The school nurse and the family’s doctor refer students for homebound instruction. Principals should send referrals for homebound instruction to the RN.

Special Ed Homebound Services:
Special education homebound services are determined by the IEP team including the school nurse. The IEP goals determine appropriate instruction and amount of service time that will be provided. All homebound instruction services will be provided at a level appropriate as to not deny the student free and appropriate public education. Typically a teacher or highly qualified paraprofessional will deliver the instruction in the home.