The operations department is responsible for keeping the district’s 18 schools and other facilities in top condition. We take great pride in the work our teams do. They work very hard to keep the grounds and buildings looking their best, transport students safely and ensure the well being of all the students and staff.

Our Maintenance crew performs ongoing maintenance and repairs in all schools and other District buildings.  It keeps the schools running and repairs any and all problems -from the kitchens to the gyms. The district is committed to completing maintenance in an efficient, timely manner, while making sure that quality remains first class.

The Grounds department takes care of more than 200 acres of grass and hard surface.  They mow grass in the summer and plow snow in the winter.  They take great pride in having the sports fields ready for all sports and the playgrounds safe for students.

Custodians play a major role in all our schools.  They make our schools shine, but they not only clean the buildings, they prepare rooms for special events, do minor maintenance repairs and do safety checks on building equipment.

Energy conservation is a priority for School District #91. We have an energy conservation manager/educator who works to build a culture of conservation around the district. To date the District has saved over $2.5 million dollars in energy savings since our program was started in 2006. 

Our Environmental Safety and Health position was established to ensure that all regulatory information is available to staff, students and parents.  We know that environmentally healthy buildings lead to healthy, happy students.

The Transportation Department is in charge of delivering students safely from home to school and back again.  They have 43 routes and transport more than 3,308 students.  Not only do they do the morning, mid-day and afternoon routes, they also drive for school activities such as field trips and sporting events as well as inter-school classes. 

The Operations Department also maintains a Warehouse for stocking items from custodial to educational needs.  They ensure best pricing for bulk items and have a courier service for mail and products.

Our department is diverse, containing many different types of expertise, but we all have the same goal.  We are determined to provide a safe learning environment for the students and staff of School District #91.  To learn more about any part of the Operations Department, please visit the individual links.

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ADAIdaho Falls School District 91 is committed to ensure that individuals with disabilities are not denied an opportunity to participate in and benefit from any service, program, or activity offered by the District.  Read more.
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