Bids Awarded

With successful passage of the bond, Idaho Falls School District 91 is undertaking a number of construction projects to upgrade its schools. In addition, the district is doing some summer projects, which are being paid for with SPFF money.

Idaho Falls School District 91 takes its responsibility as a steward of taxpayer money seriously so projects are put out for competitive bid and awarded to the lowest bidder qualified to do the work.

State statute requires that contractors doing state, county, municipal and school construction, repair and maintenance work employ at least 90 percent bona fide Idaho workers. (See Idaho statute 44-1001)

We encourage local contractors to bid on upcoming projects. Contractors interested in learning more about the work planned in Idaho Falls School District 91 should contact the district’s construction manager, Bateman-Hall, at (208) 523-2681 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Contractors wanting updates or information when work is put out to bid should ask to be added to Bateman-Hall’s database of contractors.

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