These guidelines are posted to give staff and patrons more information about what to expect with school closures. If you have questions or need more information, please email us.

General Closure Information:

  • Announcements about school closures will be made by 6:30A.M. Later announcements may be made as a result of new or developing information such as the approach of a severe weather, deteriorating road conditions, etc.

  • Unless it is impossible for the principal, custodian, secretary and/or office staff to be at school, schools will be open to receive students. Students who arrive at school on closure days will not be allowed to leave the school until a parent has been reached and has notified school officials about how or to whom the child should be released.

  • Teachers are not expected to work on closure days. (For details, see section 10-10 in the Master Contract.)

  • Maintenance staff, custodians, warehouse personnel, district office personnel and building secretaries are expected to work on closure days unless they are directed otherwise by their supervisor. Other classified staff is not expected to work on closure days. (For details, see Page 6 of the Classified Employee Handbook.)

  • Staff and faculty who have questions should contact their building principal.

Closures for drifting snow, freezing rain or cold temperatures:

  • Closures for cold weather are determined by air temperature and/or wind chill projections for the day.

  • When city streets are passable, closures may be limited to rural bus routes. Know what bus zone you reside in so you'll know whether you're affected by road closures.

  • On rare occasions, students riding rural bus routes may be released from school early due to the onset of a severe blizzard. On such occasions, rural bus students will be sent home on the bus.

  • Elementary school students will board a bus only after a parent/guardian has been contacted and confirmed that someone will be home or that the student can gain access to their house.

  • Secondary students will be permitted to return home by bus or via their own transportation without a parent/guardian being home as long as the student can gain access to their home.

  • All other students will remain at school and be released at the close of school or to parents.

Closure for mechanical failures such as heating systems, buses, power outages:

  • These closures are generally limited to schools affected by the specific mechanical failure.

School closure announcements will be made in several ways:

  • Text message will be sent through SchoolMessenger
  • Announcements on area radio and television stations, including Channel 3, Channel 6 and Channel 8
  • Alert on district website at
  • School closure hotline at 525-7502
  • Post Register email for their subscribers.

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