All receivable payments should be forwarded to Deb Davis at the Administration Bldg.

Receivable payments should contain:

  • GL code(s) and amount for each entry 
  • backup receipt and/or documentation 
  • signature to confirm balance 
  • If there is a code change it must include a signature from the Supervisor. 

Accounts Receivable staff will not change/manipulate/correct any paper work sent for deposit.  Any changes or corrections must come from the originator of the payment. 

If any amount of cash is sent through the inter-office mail, please send an e-mail to Deb to notify her of the cash amount.  She will reply to that e-mail once the money has arrived to confirm the amount entered. 

If you drop deposits directly to the administration building, please do not leave cash setting on the desk if Deb is out of the office. 

Deposits are made on a weekly basis, typically on Thursday morning. 

What are the purchasing procedures that I must follow?
You must obtain prior approval before purchasing any item with school district funds.  This means that you must submit a request to purchase, receive approval and wait for a purchase order to be created before receiving the merchandise.  You may choose to use your District Purchasing Card and return the receipt immediately to the School Secretary or Department Administrative Assistant.

Why must I follow these procedures?
Because school districts operate with public funds, there are rules that must be followed.  Generally accepted accounting procedures require that purchases must be approved prior to placing an order.  Each year our school district undergoes a rigorous fiscal audit.  Our auditors check to make sure we are following these rules.  They check to make sure that the request precedes the purchase order. They also check that the purchase order precedes the invoice and receipt of merchandise.

Board policy/procedures require accountability of those with budget authority.  The building principal and/or the supervisor of a program is responsible for the budget for that school or program.  By requiring prior approval, the principal and/or supervisor has the opportunity to approve or reject a purchase before it is made.  This is important because the money to pay for a purchase will come out of funds that are ultimately for the principal’s and/or supervisor’s responsibility.

Our procedures also give us a system of checks and balances that protect us.  Each purchase is approved by more than one person.  The responsibility for the purchase is shared with those in authority.  If a purchase is questioned, there are several people who are part of the approval process.  This suggests that, rightfully, purchases should not be a one-sided decision.

What if I want to preview an item before deciding if I want to purchase it?
You should still follow the same procedures as when you are purchasing any item, but you should note “FOR PREVIEW ONLY” on your request to purchase.  On SKYWARD add a detail line item and choose NARRATIVE.  When the item arrives, it will go through the normal check in process at the warehouse.  After receipt of the merchandise, the originator of the order has the responsibility to notify accounts payable whether the merchandise will be kept or returned.  Accounts payable will not process the invoice for payment until notified.  If you keep the item, the invoice will be paid against the existing purchase order.  If you decide to return the item, the purchase order will be canceled.

Use local vendors
Check our warehouse supplies first before you purchase from another vendor.  We encourage the use of local vendors over others to save on shipping and handling and also for customer service issues.  Use your School District Purchasing card for consumable items whenever possible.  Contact the purchasing department for suggested vendors and current pricing information.

Creating a Request to Purchase
If you are ordering classroom furniture, computer hardware or software, equipment, or large dollar items you should create a request to purchase.  Complete the request to purchase form and send it to your School Secretary or Department Administrative Assistant.  If you don’t have a current catalog in your school call the vendor for current information concerning stock numbers, prices, shipping & handling charges and minimum order charges.  Also check that the vendor name, mailing address, phone, and fax are all correct.  If you are using a new vendor, verify that the vendor will accept a purchase order and ask your School Secretary or Department Administrative Assistant to send an order form to the purchasing department.  They will review the information and send an email when the new vendor has been added to the SKYWARD VENDOR MASTER. 

Processing Purchase Orders
The purchasing office processes approved purchase orders on a daily basis.  We send original vendor copies by mail which is usually the most efficient means of processing orders.  We will fax or email purchase orders when requested and information is provided.    We discourage call in orders.

Warehouse Delivery
All goods must be shipped through our warehouse.  Do not request that items be shipped to your school.  Magazine subscriptions and toner ordered from local vendors who pick up and deliver cartridges are the only exceptions.

Problems with an Order
If you have not received your order, call the vendor and refer to the purchase order number and ask for the status of your order and when it will ship.  If the vendor has not received a purchase order contact the purchasing office immediately.  Do not give request to purchase numbers to vendors.    Call the purchasing office and request that a purchase order be sent again to the vendor, have a contact name and fax number available.

Returning Items
Keep in mind that items ordered on a purchase order will be shipped as stated.  Additional shipping fees and restocking fees will be charged on returns.  If your order is not correct contact the warehouse immediately.  If you must return items contact the vendor for instructions and request a return authorization number.  Prepare the package to be returned.  You will also need to let both the purchasing department and accounts payable department know that you are returning an item.
Report all damaged goods immediately to the warehouse.

Share Information
Please include purchasing procedures and information as annual handouts for your teachers and staff.


The Building Inventory Spreadsheet is for each building in the district. The goal is to have consistency throughout the district and to have accurate building inventories that are updated regularly. 

The first step is to enter the existing inventory items from your building into the Building Inventory Spreadsheet. The next step is to check on a monthly basis for files added from recent Skyward purchases.   The files can be found at \\Filsrv2\Common-staff\Inventory District-wide.

If you have a monthly file from Skyward purchases, cut and paste the items from the monthly file into the existing Building Inventory Spreadsheet.   You will also need to enter any inventory purchases made with a school check or district purchasing card.

Review each line item and be sure that all information is completed and noted accurately. Be sure you have included all rooms, classrooms, offices, gyms, storage, etc in your inventory. Have school staff members notify you when items are moved, or discarded, so the Building Inventory Spreadsheet can be updated.

At least once per year use the filter to sort the Building Inventory items by room and print a copy for each staff member assigned per room to review. When the pages are returned with corrected information, update your Building inventory Spreadsheet promptly.

checksIdaho Falls School District 91's business department is responsible for the day-to-day operations of accounting, budgeting, purchasing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, printing, inventory tracking and more.

Every year, the department issues an average of 1,466 purchase orders and writes an average of 3,302 checks to support student learning and achievement. The district's financial records are audited every year by independent auditors and their annual report is posted on on the district's website under "District Finances."

Here you will find procedures and information about the district's business operations.  If you have questions about the business department, please contact:

Carrie Smith, Director of Human Resources and Business at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 525-7554

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