Board Policy 310.2
Use of district-owned equipment is specifically reserved for work on school projects. As such, it is permissible for teachers and others, with proper prior administrative approval, to use computers and other associated equipment off-campus while employed by the district including summer breaks, etc., in order to facilitate the employee’s performance of school related work and/or further the employee’s expertise in the use of such equipment. It is the sole responsibility of the employee using District equipment off-campus to reimburse the District for damage or loss, normal wear and tear excluded, unless the employee is on officially approved school business.

District 91 Technology Equipment Check Out Form

The purpose of this Technology Use Notification (TUN) is to describe the responsibilities and privileges of users of Idaho Falls School District 91’s technology resources.

Technology Use Notification (English)

As stated in the D91 Technology Acceptable Use Agreement, “By signing the D91 TUA, I committed to: Not use personally owned technology unless inspected and approved according to D91 policies.” To obtain authorization for the use of personally owned computers on D91Net you must read and sign the appropriate form below.

Personally Owned Computers - Staff

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