Teacher with student doing math

The ability to confidently and effectively use mathematics to meet the everyday demands of life.

As our teachers and staff implement the new Idaho Core Standards, the focus is on providing students with the knowledge and skills they need to apply what they're learning about mathematics in the classroom to real-world problems.

In grades K-6 the district uses Math in Focus, a curriculum designed to give students a deeper, richer understanding of mathematics. Students are encouraged to solve problems, think critically and develop a mathematical mindset that will serve them well beyond high school. These skills are further developed in our middle school and high school math classes. 

Support Your Child's Learning At Home:

  • Make math part of everyday life at home.

  • Sort and classify treasures or collections. Do you have all the same-sized screws or keys or marbles? How are they alike? How are they different? How many are there?

  • Compare and contrast with your child. Ask them questions such as: “Which glass has more water in it? Which bowl has less food?

  • Tell addition, subtraction, multiplication and division stories. For example, if we share 17 buttons among three friends, how many will each get? Will there be any left over? What if we shared them with two friends?

  • Together with your child, keep track of the time he or she spends watching television, doing homework, playing with friends or taking part in sports. Create a graph to show how time is spent over a week or a month.