Behavior Foundations Part 1 is the first part of the 4-part Idaho Behavior Foundations Academy that will assist schools, districts, and regions achieve effective practices for students with problem behavior. The other parts of the Behavior Foundations Academy include: Part 2 - open call-in office hours monthly with expert behavioral consultants; Part 3 - monthly just-in-time webinars on instructional strategies or tools related to the Foundations Academy training content; and Part 4 - intensive behavioral coaching support for specific or complex sutent or program needs. Participants can access all or part of the behavior skills support system.
Behavior Foundations Part 1 consists of two face-to-face trainings, one day in the Fall (October/November) and one day in the Spring (February/March). The Fall training will focus on practical applications of evidence-based intervention strategies for individuals with ineffective or problem behavior.

Behavior Foundations 1 Fall
Residence Inn, 635 W. Broadway Idaho SESTA


Is this event sponsored by the district?  No

What is the maximum enrollment for this class? 120

How many credits are offered? 1

Where is the credit offered from? University Of Idaho

What is the cost of each credit? $60

What are the credit requirements?  For more information, contact: Renee Miner at 208-426-4858 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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