Behavior Foundations Face-to-Face consists of two one-day trainings. The first was held in the Fall and the current is scheduled for Spring (February/March). The Fall training focused on practical applications of evidence-based intervention strategies for individuals with ineffective or problem behavior. Spring training will focus on conducting functional behavioral assessment and designing interventions that will increase engagement in appropriate alternative and desirable replacement behaviors that will lead to individual success and academic growth.
There are more ways to benefit from the Behavior Foundations training series! Behavior Foundations Face-to-Face is the first of the four-part Idaho Behavior Foundations Academy that will assist schools, districts, and regions to achieve effective practices for students with problem behavior. 

To register go to:

Behavior Foundations 1 Fall
Residence Inn, 635 W. Broadway Idaho SESTA


Is this event sponsored by the district?  No

What is the maximum enrollment for this class? 120

How many credits are offered? See Instructor

Where is the credit offered from? University Of Idaho

What is the cost of each credit? $60

What are the credit requirements? See Instructor

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