• The content of the course is foundational and is divided into seven webinars. These include:
          Webinar 1: Introduction to Explicit Instruction
          Webinar 2: Designing Lessons: Skills & Strategies
          Webinar 3: Designing Lessons: Vocabulary & Concepts
          Webinar 4: Designing Lessons: Rules for Content
          Webinar 5: Organizing Structure for Instruction
          Webinar 6: Delivering Instruction: Eliciting Responses
          Webinar 7: Delivering Instruction: Other Critical Skills
          Registration deadline is March 9, 2018. Link to registration: https://idahotc.com/lms
            Explicit Instruction
            Cari Murphy, Ph.D.

Is this event sponsored by the district?  No

What is the maximum enrollment for this class? 100

How many credits are offered? 1

Where is the credit offered from? University of Idaho

What is the cost of each credit?  $60

What are the credit requirements?  


  • 1. Participation: Participants are required to log into/view the full period of all webinars in
    this series.
    2. Quizzes: All quizzes must be submitted through the Idaho Training Clearinghouse LMS.
    3. Survey: Participants are required to complete a course satisfaction survey.
    4. Final assignment: A written assignment (requirements listed below) must be submitted
    through the Idaho Training Clearinghouse LMS. 

See link above to register.