Session 1: “Just Give Him the Whale”: Teaching Passions, Areas of Expertise and Strengths
This session will explore how special interests can serve as supports, teaching tools,
inspirations, and hobbies for children on the autism spectrum.
Session 2: Beyond “Turn and Talk”: 10 Ways to Support Communication in the Classroom
This session will discuss ten different low tech strategies that provides students with
opportunities to share ideas, practice communication skills, and learn augmentative and
alternative communication.
Session 3: “You’re Going to Love This Kid”: Educating Students on the Spectrum in Inclusive
Schools (K-12)
This session will focus on practical ways of supporting students with autism spectrum labels and
other disabilities within a general education classroom. It will address differentiated instruction,
making classrooms comfortable and providing opportunities for social development.
Registration Deadline is March 9, 2018. Link to registration:

Teaching, Supporting, and Including Students on the Spectrum
Robin Greenfield, Ph.D.


Is this event sponsored by the district?  No

What is the maximum enrollment for this class? 100

How many credits are offered? 1

Where is the credit offered from? University of Idaho

What is the cost of each credit? $60

What are the credit requirements?  

1. Participation: Participants are required to log into/attend the full period (2 hours) of all
webinars in this series.
2. Quizzes: All quizzes must be submitted through the Idaho Training Clearinghouse LMS.
3. Survey: Participants are required to complete a course satisfaction survey.
4. Final assignment: A written assignment (requirements listed below) must be submitted
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