• Session 1: “The Neurology of ASD” - This session will provide a user-friendly discussion of the
      neurological research on ASD. It will serve as a foundation for interventions discussed in
      Sessions 2 and 3.

    • Session 2: “The Cycle of Meltdowns for Individuals with ASD” - This session will focus on the
      cycle of meltdowns for learners with ASD including those with “high-functioning” ASD. Leaners
      with ASD typically have self-regulation and sensory issues that can lead to meltdowns and
      follow three stages: (a) rumbling; (b) rage, and (c) recovery.

    • Session 3: “Creating a Psychologically Safe Environment for Students with ASD” –This session
      will discuss evidence-based strategies that assist learners in gaining and generalizing
      social/communication, hidden curriculum, academic, and behavior skills.

    • Registration Deadline: March 9, 2018. Link to registration: https://idahotc.com/lms
ASD: Neurology, Behavior, and Interventions
Robin Greenfield, Ph.D.


Is this event sponsored by the district? No 
What is the maximum enrollment for this class? 100
How many credits are offered? 1
Where is the credit offered from?Idaho State University
What is the cost of each credit? $ 60
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1. Participation: Participants are required to log into/attend the full period (2 hours) of all
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