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        • The workshop will include a historical overview of the Japanese immigration and their settling in the United States.  It will include the anti-Asian sentiment heightened by the Pearl Harbor attack which resulted in the incarceration of nearly 120,000 Japanese and Japanese Americans and the challenges they faced, overcame and continue to endure.

          Always Remember-Never Forget
          All Day
           All Day
          Oct 5-Thunder Ridge HS
          Oct 6-Tour at Minidoka Historic Site, Jerome, ID
          Idaho Falls Japense American Citizen League

Maximum # of Participants- N/A

Credit offered: Yes

How many credits offered: 1

Credits offered from: NNU

Cost Per Credit: $60





 Course Description
Behavior Foundations Part 1 is the first part of the 4-part Idaho Behavior Foundations Academy that will assist schools, districts, and regions to achieve effective practices for students with problem behavior.  
Part 1 - Statewide face-to-face trainings
Part 2 - Open monthly call-in office hours with expert behavioral consultants
Part 3 - Monthly "Just in Time" webinars on instructional strategies or tools related to the Foundations Academy training content
Part 4 - Intensive behavioral coaching support

Behavior Foundations Part 1 consists of two face-to-face trainings, one day in the Fall (October/November) and one day in the Spring (February/March). The Fall training will focus on practical applications of evidence-based intervention strategies for individuals with ineffective or problem behavior. Participants will refine their classroom management skills and explore how to plan and implement effective interventions across settings and kids.
Session Title Date Time Location Presenter(s)
Behavior Foundations Part 1 11/9/2016   8:30 AM- 4:30 PM Residence Inn 635 Broadway Idaho Falls Idaho SESTA
Is this event sponsored by our district? No
Will a credit be offered for this course? Yes
Please list how many credits are being offered. 1
Please list from where-Boise State University
Cost Per Credit $0
Credit Requirements? See below
This is an online course using the Idaho Training Clearinghouse Learning Management System at the Center on Disabilities and Human Development at the University of Idaho. There are not face to face classes. The weblink for the LMS is See the link to the course syllabus to get more information about the course content. The course is available from August 31, 2016 to December 5, 2016. Registration deadline is October 14, 2016.
Session Title Date Time Location Presenter(s)
Autism Spectrum Disorder 08/31/206-12/5/2016 Online Online Robin Greenfield, Ph.D.
Is this event sponsored by our district? Yes
 Will a credit be offered for this course? Yes
Please list how many credits are being offered. 1
Please list from where-University of Idaho
Cost Per Credit$60
Credit Requirements? See below
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