This course develops the geometry concepts of congruence, parallelism, and similarity using transformations (e.g., rigid motions or isometries) and the corresponding matrix representations with respect to a chosen basis. Students will learn how shape geometry; including congruence, parallelism, and similarity; can be developed using transformations and how this can be done with middle school and secondary geometry students.

In addition, graduate students (MTHE 527) will learn how transformational geometry approaches can be used to more rigorously develop undergraduate second and third semester calculus strategies such as change of variable strategies for integration problems.

An objective for all three courses is to engage students in an authentic mathematical experience, where they will take advantage of technology (geometry software), prior knowledge, intuition, heuristics, and formal mathematical systemization as they answer mathematical questions such as how must the definitions, axioms, and postulates from traditional Euclidean geometry be modified to develop an axiomatic approach to congruence, parallelism, and similarity using a transformational approach? This course does not count towards a MS or PhD in mathematics.

Format: One to two web meetings per week (times and days to be determined by vote of enrolled students), weekly videos, and online posting to a discussion board.

All courses are from June 15-July 24, 2015

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6/15/2015 8:00am to 8:00pm Internet U of I Instructor
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University of Idaho
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Professional development students (MATH 505) will enroll as pass/fail and will not be formally assessed and assigned letter grades. Instead, adequate participation in online discussions and adequate posting on discussion boards will constitute a pass.
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Content Classroom Teachers
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