This interactive workshop develops teacher understanding of Math in Focus™, The Singapore Approach. During this one-day workshop, participants spend time learning how the instructional strategies will add depth to their teaching and developing a greater understanding of mathematics. Educators experience the carefully planned and executed instruction that develops student understanding and intellectual growth. Special attention is paid to how students learn and the role of the teacher in Math in Focus™. Time is also spent understanding why the carefully sequenced and paced instruction, covering fewer topics in-depth, will enhance students’ math achievement.

After completing Math in Focus ™: Singapore Approach Instructional Strategies participants will:

  • Understand the Singapore philosophy of a Focused Coherent Curriculum
  • Experience the pedagogy of Concrete - Pictorial - Abstract
  • Learn and practice key instructional strategies including number bonds, mental calculations, and model drawing
  • Investigate the instructional pathway of Math in Focus™
  • Understand, observe, and apply the lesson structure and extensive teacher support
Date Time Location Presenter(s)
08/27/2014 8:30am to 4:30pm Taylorview Middle School Brenda Lucas, Mindy Dennis, Sandy Stein, Phyllis Yucatonis, Susan Resnick, Patti Chesney
Max No. Participants:
Credit Offered: