This is an online course using the Idaho Training Clearinghouse Learning Management System at the Center on Disabilities and Human Development at the University of Idaho. There are no face to face classes. The web link for the LMS is: For further description, please see the syllabus link on the course website. The course is available from August 31 to December 7, 2015. Registration Deadline is October 16, 2015.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder 8/31/2015 Online Online U of I Instructor
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Graduate Credit Course Requirements 1. Participation: Participants are required to log into/attend the full period (2 hours) of all webinars in this series. 2. Quizzes: All quizzes must be submitted through the Idaho Training Clearinghouse LMS. 3. Survey: Participants are required to complete a course satisfaction survey. 4. Final assignment: A written assignment (requirements listed below) must be submitted through the Idaho Training Clearinghouse LMS. Note: There are no outside readings or materials required for this course. Handouts for each webinar session are located in the course site at the Idaho Training Clearinghouse LMS. Quizzes All quizzes must be completed on the Idaho Training Clearinghouse Learning Management System on the date(s) specified in the course site. Students must earn an 80% score on each quiz to pass the course. Quizzes can be retaken until passed. Quiz 1 (20 points) Quiz 2 (20 points) Quiz 3 (20 points) Final Assignment Final Assignment (10 points) Develop a 15 slide PowerPoint presentation that includes the following elements:  The underlying characteristics of autism and how they can impact an individual in home, school and community settings  The stages of a cycle of a meltdown and strategies for prevention and management of cycles stages  Examples of strategies that can create successful learning environments  Include your name and the title of the course on slide 1
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Content Classroom Teachers
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See the following web page for a course syllabus.