The Idaho Digital Learning Blended Summer Conference is a free conference and a wonderful opportunity to network with other blended teachers, learn new skills, and build the blended community.

This year’s event will be a flipped conference: in addition to the face-to-face conference, there will be an online component available after the conference. This will be a place where content from the conferences will be posted, and it will also serve as the launch pad for our blended Google community. We are so excited to utilize these tools and formats to bring our blended teachers together.

Registration deadline is May 26, 2015

Show your stuff!!

It's time for you to show your stuff! As a part of this year's Summer Conference we will be hosting a local talent showcase. This will be an opportunity for teachers in each region to demonstrate a tool, tip, or practice they have been able to use to help students in their online or blended classrooms find success.  This is where you come in!  Would you be willing to share what you do with other teachers?  Each Showcase session will include the following:
        20 minutes in length
        Presentation of a tool, tip, or practice that can be used in any classroom
        Hands-on demonstration or application of the concept presented

What is it that you do well?  Would you be willing to share in a 20 minute showcase?  If so, please complete the RFP linked through the form below by May 11th. RFP Form

Session Date Time Location Presenter(s)
Blended Summer Conference - Region 5 6/9/2015 8:00am to 5:00pm ISU - College of Education TBD
Max No. Participants:
Credit Offered:
Credit Offered From:
How many credits:
Credit Requirements:
If participants want credit for this event, there is a 7 hour time commitment on activities that will be provided online after the conference. These activities will benefit your personal blended practices.
Targeted Audience:
D91 Secondary Teachers interested in Blended Learning