A collection by: DeLoy Roberts retired biology/zoology teacher at Skyline High School in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The collection is a result of many years of collecting by both myself and my biology and zoology students.

To view a picture of a skull, click on one of the classes of animals shown below. Then, scan through the class until you find the animal you are interested in.

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The skull collection is located at Skyline High School in Idaho Falls, Idaho and is open for public viewing or field trips by school groups. Just give me an E-mail a few days in advance for coordination purposes.

Other useful information about about skulls can be obtained from the sites listed below:

    1)for a summary list of the increasing sizes of the skulls in the collection.

    2)for an alphabetical listing of the skulls and their respective sizes.

    3)for a legend (map) for the skull bones of a mammal.

    4)for information about the use of DERMESTID beetles in skull preparation.

    5)for information concerning COOKING in skull preparation.

    Below are listed a collection of laboratory assignments that could be used in conjunction with the skull collection.

    a)for a student lab assignment (SKULL ANATOMY LAB) using the Skull Collection web site.

    b)for a student lab assignment (SKULL IDENTIFICATION LAB) using the Skull Collection web site.

    c)for a student lab assignment (DICHOTEMOUS KEY: SKULLS) using the Skull Collection web site.

    d)for a simplified dichotemous key for mammals found in OWL PELLETS LAB using the Skull Collection web site.

    e)for a student lab assignment (SKULLS and BRAINS) using the Skull Collection web site.

Each skull representing a different species or subspecies

Latest addition(s):

Peacock January 2006
Royal Tern January 2006
Texas Spiny Lizard January 2006
Boreal Chorus Frog February 2006
California Bighorn Sheep February 2006
White Pelican March 2006
Capuchin Monkey March 2006
Rice Rat April 2006
African Dwarf Frog November 2007
Canada Warbler November 2007
Cotton Rat November 2007
Brown Anole 2008
Barn Owl 2008
Springbok 2008

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