Attendance Office
Angie Ekker, Attendance Secretary
Phone: (208) 525-7745


Attendance Policy and Procedures


Students are more successful when they establish habits of good and regular attendance.  The most successful students are those who are present and who do not need to make up class lectures, notes, discussions, homework explanations, assignments, quizzes, and tests. You can never make up everything you miss, even when you’re out for only one day. If you must be absent from school, remember that you are responsible for finding out what you missed and for getting all of your make-up work.  


1002.2.1 – Dis-enrollment/Re-enrollment on the Basis of Attendance
Students may be dropped from enrollment records after they miss, without their school being notified by a parent/guardian of the reason(s) for their absence, ten consecutive days of attendance.  Students should be enrolled on the date they return to and begin attending a District # 91 school.


1002.3 – RESPONSIBILITY Trustees and educators recognize that regular attendance is positively related to student achievement. Everyone shares in the responsibility for making school attendance a priority.


  • Parents/Guardians are urged to help their child establish good attendance habits throughout the child’s schooling experiences. Absences due to family convenience such as vacation and baby-sitting are strongly discouraged. Parents are responsible for verifying absences by contacting the attendance office before, the day of, or no later than the close of the second day upon the student’s return to school. Parents are responsible for providing the school a current and secure day telephone number for contact regarding absences.
  • Students are responsible for attending school every day except when excused for legitimate health reasons or death in the family. Days missed for personal or family convenience should be minimized. When in school, students are required to be in class or in designated areas. (See also definition of truancy.) If a student exceeds the allowable days, it becomes the student’s responsibility to participate in scheduled make-up sessions. Students who are not living with a parent/legal guardian and have declared themselves emancipated may clear their own absences with an administrator. In addition, students need to give teachers advanced notice if classes are known to be missed by student (see Attendance Office for Pre-Excused from).
  • Teachers are responsible for structuring the class in such a way that each day is meaningful and rewarding to students in attendance. Teachers are required to take accurate attendance and comply with building level attendance procedures. Teachers should model regular attendance.
  • Administrators are responsible for establishing building level procedures that are needed to implement the attendance policy. School activities and related travel should be arranged to minimize negative impact on attendance. Attendance records follow a transferring student to the new school. The building principal has final responsibility in attendance matters.
  • Employers are responsible for not allowing student employment to negatively impact attendance or quality of schoolwork.


Excused Absence (VER): An excused absence is one that the parent/legal guardian knew of, approved, and cleared with the attendance office before, the day of, or no later than the close of the second day upon the student’s return to school (48 hours.) All students are expected to check out at the attendance office if they leave during the school day.


Unexcused Absence (UNV): An unexcused absence is one in which the parent/legal guardian did not have knowledge of, and/or did not approve, and/or did not clear with the attendance office the day of, or no later than the close of the second day upon the student’s return to school (48 hours.) Unexcused absences include:

• Out-of-School Suspensions (OSS)

• Late verified absences (LTV) – absences cleared after the 48-hour deadline has passed.

Truancies (UNX), include the following (see discipline policy for consequences):

  • The student is in the school building but is not in attendance at a regularly scheduled class without permission of the teacher or the school office. Parental permission is not valid when a student misses class and remains on school grounds. It is mandatory to receive permission in writing from the teacher of the class the student is leaving or permission from the office.
  • The student leaves the school building without prior approval by the parent or guardian (given by phone or written note) and without checking out through the attendance office.
  • The student intentionally misses class(es) without the consent/knowledge of the parent.


Loss of credit due to absences (LCA)

Students shall lose credit for any class in which they exceed five (5) absences in a trimester class with the following exceptions:

  • Death in the family (DIF)
  • School-sponsored activities (ACT)
  • Health Professional appointments (MED)
  • Acute or chronic illness/medical condition verified by state licensed medical practitioner (MED) (dates must be specified; blanket excuses will not be accepted, and school nurse must be notified of chronic conditions)


Credit loss due to excessive absences will be designated on the student’s transcript with the letters “LCA” – loss of credit due to poor attendance. To avoid loss of credit due to absences, make-up hours will need to be completed in accordance with District Policy and Idaho Falls High School guidelines. Students have the ability to participate in make-up sessions that count towards any VERIFIED absences.  UNVERIFIED absences cannot be made up.  LATE VERIFIED absences require two hours of make-up time for every one class period missed.


Students can make up no more than 5 hours for any one class.  In order to receive credit, students cannot miss more than 10 days of verified absences in any trimester class.  Students may make up assignments missed due to verified absences only. Make up opportunities will be provided only for students who have exceeded the allowable number of excused absences (5).

  • For each class period missed, one hour’s attendance in makeup session will be required.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to make up each class that was within the current trimester grading period.
  • Sessions conducted by certified teachers are typically three hours, therefore, one entire make up session cannot account for one entire school day missed.
  • Make-up time cannot be made up with an individual teacher outside of scheduled make-up sessions.
  • Transportation for students involved in makeup sessions will be the responsibility of the student and/or parents/guardians.
  • Make up sessions are expected to be productive, disciplined, and focused on the course work.  Specific rules governing make up sessions are the responsibility of the building principal.


Make-up Work- Students will be allowed the number of days they were absent plus 1 (up to a maximum of 5 days) to make up missed work for verified absences. Make-up work due to Late-verified absences will be accepted as long as the absence was late-verified within the number of days allowed for make-up work.


All assignments made before a student was absent will be due the day they return if the assignment was given before the absenceAccepting make-up work for unexcused and/or unverified absences is up to individual teacher discretion and should be outlined in their course syllabus.