Order a Transcript

Last Updated: 4/10/2020 6:35 PM

Until we can get our request form in a usable format, simply email Mrs. Robinson your request for a transcript to be sent out. Most commonally we send transcripts for students applying to college, but they also are needed for good student discounts on insurance, scholarships and personal needs. Please include the following information in your email request:

Your Name
Your Student Number
Year of Graduation

Name of College, University or other entity to which you want your transcript sent
The city and state where the college, etc. is located

Other helpful information (but if you don't know it, don't worry about it)

  • Do you need a school or counselor report completed by your counselor
  • Do you need a recommendation letter
  • What type of college admission are you pursuing?
    • Regular Admission
    • Rolling Admission (no hard deadline and applications are reviewed on arrival)
    • Open Admission
    • Deferred Admission

Juniors please include if you are seeking any of the following:

  • Early Decision
  • Early Action
  • Early Evaluation

What type of application are you using?

  • College or University Application
  • Common Application
  • Coalition Application
  • Universal Application


Transcripts go out in the school mail every Wednesday, so requests need to be received by the previous Monday. 

The Final Transcript is required by the college you will attend. It has all your grades from 9th through 12th grades and it shows your date of graduation, proving you successfully completed high school.  You will be asked in the Senior Survey for the college to which you want your final transcript sent, but you may request it here as well. Simply indicate FINAL in your email.

Mrs. Robinson may be contacted at: