About Us


We inspire children to be curious, love learning, and participate in their communities.


We envision a school community in which students, teachers, staff and parents:

  • Work cooperatively and collaboratively to accomplish our mission
  • Commit to clear and measurable academic learning targets
  • Treat each other with respect and kindness
  • Respect individual differences
  • Celebrate effort and achievement

Collective Commitments

We will:

  1. Identify clear and measurable learning targets and help students and parents understand how the learning targets will be taught and measured.
  2. Use varied and balanced assessments to guide our instruction.
  3. Provide additional and timely instruction until students become proficient.  We will extend learning for students who are proficient.
  4. Teach students our schoolwide expectations and acknowledge students for learning and playing cooperatively. 
  5. Foster individual student responsibility by teaching problem solving skills and by providing opportunities for students to make responsible choices and develop leadership skills.
  6. Help students set individual learning goals, monitor their progress, and celebrate their achievements.
  7. Model lifelong learning through reflection, adaptation, and professional growth. 
  8. Communicate frequently with parents so together, we can ensure all students meet or exceed our learning targets.