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Last Updated: 4/6/2022 1:35 AM

Attendance Reporting

Attendance Clerk: Candace Reese

Call: 208-525-7720 

Email: (if the absence has not been marked verified within 24 hours, please call as your email may have been filtered).

District 91 Attendance Policy:

Parents or guardians must alert the school that their student is verified (VER) or ill (ILL) no later than 48 hours after an absence.

Each student is allowed up to 5 days of absence for each trimester class, 8 per semester class, and 15 per yearlong class. 

Makeup time may be completed if a student has accrued more than five (5) total absences but not more than ten (10) in a trimester class. Only excused (VER) absences and absences due to illness (ILL) may be made up. Pick up a time card from our front office or registrar. Return completed timecards to the registrar.

Students Lose Credit due to Absences (LCA) for any class in which they exceed the allowed number of absences for a term.

An Unexcused Absence (UNV or UNX) is one which is NOT verified by the parent/legal guardian. These absences may not be made up. LTV absences (late verified) are absences where a parent/guardian has called in to verify the absence, but it was called in after 48 hours.  LTVs may not be made up.  

Excused absences - Medical (MED), School Activity (ACT), or Death in Family (DIF) - will not count against a student's five days of allowed absences. Medical (MED) absences must be verified with a note or fax from the doctor's office.

Loss of Credit Appeal: Students who have valid reasons to believe that all or part of their LCA absences are the result of extraordinary circumstances, may request a review of their case once during their high school career.​