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Come Talk About D91 Facilities dommunity

Please join us at 6 pm on Feb. 2 for a Community Dialogue on D91's facilities and plans to develop a long-term facilities plan. You will have the chance to learn more about the survey results, hear about options being considered and provide your input to shape the facilities plan. Check out the project website for all the facilities work that's been done so far.

New Resources For D91 Families dove

D91 is proud to announce a new partnership with the Cook Center for Human Connection to provide mental health resources to our parents and families. Through, parents now will be able to access individual coaching sessions to strengthen their parenting skills, online courses, and other resources on a trusted site backed by therapists.
A kick-off meeting about the coaching sessions, which are designed to help parents who are feeling stuck, alone or overwhelmed, is planned from 7 to 8 pm on Feb. 8. Parents can join anonymously via zoom. Register here. Learn more.

"Parenting a Lion" Toolkits in English & Spanish Lion

Click here for access.

Compass Named One of the Top High Schools in Idaho Idaho
Compass Academy Course List 21st

Compass Academy's mission is to "develop innovative creators through project- and problem-based learning, engaging all students with rich integrated curriculum in a community that respects each individual." Our course options develop and change over time. Click here for details. 

Compass Academy A/B Schedule AB Schedule Calendar

Planning ahead? Check out our calendar of A and B schedule days for the 21-22 school year.

Harassment Complaint Form Stop harassment

School district 91 prohibits "acts of social violence" including bullying, cyberbullying, hazing, and harassment.