8th Grade Information

Last Updated: 3/19/2021 1:56 PM


Welcome to Skyline!

We are so glad that you are going to be joining us next year. Traditionally we do an in person 8th grade tour, but this year had to improvise. Enjoy the tour, review all the information on this page and please make sure to completely fill out your registration forms. Remember, you have control of your future. 

Watch the counselors intro video and then dive right into the 8th grade tour!!

Big shout out to Danny Griffith (senior) for making our counseling office video.


WATCH THESE FIRST (8th Grade Tour & Foreign Language)

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Freshman Planning Guide

Freshman Presentation 

Can I Change My Schedule?


Quick Things to Know:

  • All schedule changes for 1st trimester are due before the last day of school. We are not changing schedules in the fall for first trimester.
  • Counselors will be at Eagle Rock for schedule changes May 10, 11, and 12. If you need to change a schedule before or after that, you can email your counselor (emails are listed below). Counselors are assigned by last name. Deadline for 1st trimester schedule changes is June 4th. 
  • We do not move core classes to different periods. 
  • If you do not return a registration sheet, your counselor will build your schedule according to availability and not necessarily upon interests.
  • Check out the course catalog while you're filling out your registration sheet to make sure you're signing up for the right classes.

Mrs. Hale (A-G): halechel@sd91.org

Mrs. Claxton (H-O): claxstev@sd91.org

Mr. Hurst (P-Z): hursdavi@sd91.org


Video for making your 21-22 class selection.