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Apprenticeships and Internships

What's the difference between an apprenticeship and an internship?

Both internships and apprenticeships are meant to help students or young professionals gain expertise in an industry. Internships (usually 1-3 months) are primarily filled by high school or college students, and are often unpaid or part-time positions. An apprenticeship (usually 1-6 years) is a paid, on-the-job-training opportunity for someone to learn a trade or work toward professional qualifications. Apprenticeship programs focus on teaching specific skills needed to work independently in a trade or position, whereas internships are often viewed as networking or resuming building opportunities.


What do you want to do?  We've got an apprenticeship for that!  Ask Mrs. Bruner room 701 for more info.

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Want a scholarship for a trade program?


There is a scholarship for that! Check out the Mike Rowe Works Scholarship! Check it out here.



How to find an internship in high school. Read more here.

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