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Welcome to the Skyline Counseling Information Hub. We designed this Counseling Hub to keep our students, families, our community and staff informed during this unprecedented time. We hope to provide you with updated information, resources, mental health supports, and more. We wish you all good health and success during this time.


Best wishes,

Skyline Counselors


* Request a meeting with your counselor here*

Or use this QR Code posted in every class and in the halls.


Worried about a friend AND at school? Go immediately to your school counselor.

Worried about a friend AND out of school? Call that friend’s parents. Not sure how to contact the parents? Call 911 in emergency situations.

Quick Important Information

  • Schedule an appointment with your counselor here
  • There are QR codes out in classrooms and in the hallway to request an appointment with your counselor. You can easily scan them with your phone to get to the counseling office scheduler.
  • You must schedule an appointment to visit with the counselor unless you are in a crisis. Please do not schedule to see a counselor when you're in crisis, please come talk to us.
  • Your counselor will receive your request and call you down when it is appropriate.
  • Feel free to email your counselor with questions as well.
  • Check your emails! We're always emailing students about their schedule requests and sending out important information.
  • Schedule changes are due before the end of the previous trimester.
  • Trimester one schedule changes need to be done before summer break the following year.
  • Trimester two schedule changes are due before the end of trimester one.
  • Trimester three schedule changes are due before the end of trimester two.
  • Any requests made that first week of the trimester must be approved by administration.