Staff Last Updated: 7/16/2021 4:24 PM


Director of Information Technology,

Tito Paredes

Technology Administrative Assistant,

Bonnie Horsley

Instructional Technology Systems Coordinator,

Connie Daley

Instructional Technology Systems Specialist,

Jennifer Burton

IT Data Analyst
and Consultant,

Camille Wood

IT Enterprise Systems Coordinator,

Jimmy Horsley

IT Enterprise Systems Specialist,

Chris Williams

IT Endpoint Administrator,

Rob Johnson

IT Operating Systems Application Specialist,

Danni Bingham

IT Cyber Security Compliance Specialist,

Bill Bingham

IT Support Technician,

Ian Farrar

IT Support & Repair Technician,

James Wood

IT Projects Technician,

Barb Brooks

IT Support Technician,

Chris Martin

IT Support Technician,

Kelly Packer

IT Support Technician,

Karen Tauscher

IT Support Technician,

Macade Vineyard

IT Support Technician,

Jordan Newman

IT Facilities Manager,

Jeff Cook

IT Facilities Technician,

Robert Crow

IT Facilities Technician,

Jon Jorgenson

IT Facilities Technician,

Gaylan Whiteley

IT Facilities Technician,

Alex Wildblood

IT Audio Video Specialist,

Austin Cox

IT Network Administrator,

Justin Hurley

IT Network Specialist,

Jeremy Gibbs

IT Junior Network Administrator,

Brandon Moorefield

IT Operations

Eric Bodily

IT Junior Systems Administrator,

Billy Saechao

IT Student Systems

Vance Allen

IT Student Information Systems Specialist,

Christina Wadsworth

IT District Registrar,

Tammy Bingham