Returns and Exchanges

Last Updated: 10/23/2020 11:45 AM

Returns & Exchanges


If a device is being returned for a repair, it needs to be replaced with a comparable device. Currently, the logistics are to turn the device in to the media center/designated staff.

Returns & Exchanges Procedures



It is important that we receive these devices back so that we can make sure they are updated, and ready for redeployment


If this is being returned in by a student or teacher, and is not broken, please do the following:

  • Fill out THIS FORM and attach it to the device.
  • Place the device in the designated return bin.


  • Fill out THIS FORM and attach it to the item being returned.
  • Place the device in the designated return bin.
  • Give the replacement device to the student/teacher.

General Return/Exchange Policies


We will establish a regular pickup schedule of at least once a week, to come and pickup broken and returned devices, and replenish your spares.

In our initial communication concerning Chromebooks, we stated that the cost to repair/replace varies depending on the cost of the item and the family’s ability to pay. That will be up to you to determine/judge. The following list may be used as a guideline for the costs of typical Chromebook repair. Actual charges may vary:

  • Screen Replacement - $50
  • Keyboard Replacement - $75
  • Damaged/Lost Charger - $15 
  • Lost Chromebook - $200
  • Cleaning fee - $5 (i.e. stickers)

Note: All prices include labor.

If you believe the family can pay, it would be best to add it to the fee for the student in PowerSchool so that the family can pay online, make small payments over time, etc. If you at the school determine the family can’t pay, then you may choose to not record the amount owed because it may not be worth your time.

Also, it may be best to issue an older device for students who cannot or will not take proper care of the equipment. We have found this to be a good common practice for repeat offenders. We tend to know when an honest accident has occurred, and the student has learned a lesson versus students that need a bit more time to learn or more incentive to build back up and demonstrate responsibility.