Supervised Suspension

Located at Compass Academy
955 Garefiled Street - Use the North Entrance.
 Phone: 525-8822 (in district 50513)


Referral Login   Class Rules

Student, parent and referring administrator must sign class rules.

  1. School administrators may use the program for 7th through 12th grade students suspended from school for a period of 1-5 days. Only administrators may refer a student. Placement should be reserved and space availability confirmed with Karen Adams via email or phone prior to student’s arrival. Completed referral form should be signed and emailed before student is expected to arrive.

  2. Students who attend Supervised Suspension are not counted as absent. Attendance Clerk and referring administrator will be notified of SS attendance.

  3. Referring administrator designates adult (usually parent/guardian) to bring referred student in to Supervised Suspension at 8am, and to pick up student at 2pm.Designated adults must come in to building with arriving students and for departing students. If a student is not signed out by 2:05pm, and designated adult cannot be contacted, referring administrator will be contacted to  arrange transportation for student.

  4. Each student is expected to bring assignments to occupy the full day (6 hours), along with texts and materials required to complete assignments. Students do not have library access.  Students are expected to work on school assignments from the time of arrival until all assignments are completed, then to read books until designated adult comes to pick student up.

  5. Transportation of assignments/texts/supplies will be responsibility of referred student.

  6. Students may not leave room without designated responsible adult. They should either bring a lunch or order meals (see referral form.)

  7. No nurse is assigned to Compass. Students requiring medical attention should not be referred.

  8. If two or more students are referred for fighting or cooperative misbehavior, the referring administrator should consider assigning said students to SS on different days.

  9. Students assigned one-on-one aides or school companions are expected to be accompanied by said aide or companion while in SS.

  10. Referring administrator, parent, and SS referred student must understand and agree to Classroom Rules prior to assignment. Variance from posted guidelines must be approved by Shelly Smede (Compass Director), Sarah Sanders (Secondary Education Director), or George Boland (Superintendent). Please inform Karen Adams (SS Facilitator) of any changes before the student whom changes apply to enters Supervised Suspension.