Title I

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Intervention Flowcharts

Reading Intervention Flowcharts

Math Intervention Flowcharts 

Intervention Intensification-Moving to Tier 3


Intervention Progress Monitoring

 Reading Progress Monitoring

 Math Progress Monitoring

 Progress Monitoring at the Middle School Level


Performance Matters RTI

Preparing to Write K-3 Plans and Intervention Plans in Performance Matters

How-To Guide: Writing Intervention Plans + Full Guide

How-To: Adding Progress Monitoring Results

How-To: Moving a Student or Closing an Intervention

How-To: Adding a Tier 3 Intervention

How-To: End of Year Closing Plans

Performance Matters FAQs

Math End of Year Goals

Reading End of Year Goals

Video-Beginning of the Year Housekeeping: Deleting Interventions From Last Year

Video-How to Write Intervention Plans 

Video-Adding Progress Monitoring Results

Video-Moving a Student to a Different Intervention 

Video-Printing Intervention Reports 

Video-End of Year Closing Plans


Intervention Resources

Blend-It Books

Curious About Words

Enhanced Core Reading Instruction (ECRI)-Electronic Device Version

Enhanced Core Reading Instruction (ECRI)-Print Version

Fry Fluency Phrases

Journeys Decodable Readers

Journeys Sound Spelling Cards

Kindergarten Math Screener

Reciprocal Teaching Resources

University of Oregon Blending Intervention


Supplemental Online Resources

Imagine Math

Imagine Math-Parent Letter: English

Imagine Math-Parent Letter: Spanish

Imagine Math-Parent Portal Registration Instructions

Imagine Math-Assigning a Benchmark Assessment

Imagine Language and Literacy

Imagine Language and Literacy-Parent Letter: English

Imagine Language and Literacy-Parent Letter: Spanish


Summer Tutoring

Skills Progression and Intervention Resources

K-3 Phonics Progression 

Sound Spelling Cards Grades 1-3

Sound Spelling Cards Kindergarten

Blend-It Books

University of Oregon Blending Intervention

Literary Text Comprehension Graphic Organizer

Informational Text Comprehension Graphic Organizer

Curious About Words

Fast Mapping

4 Step Vocabulary Routine

Journeys Instructional Routines


Title I Resources for Principals

 CIP Metrics Measures

  Title 1 Student/Parent Compact (Laserfiche)

 Title 1 Student/Parent Compact (Hard Copy)

 Paraprofessionals FAQs

 Evidence Based Practice & School Improvement


Title I Forms

 Schoolwide Program Evaluation

 Targeted Assistance Program Evaluation

 Middle School Program Evaluation

 DI Voucher Request