Title I

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Intervention Flowcharts

 Reading Intervention Flowcharts

 Math Intervention Flowcharts 


Intervention Progress Monitoring

 Reading Progress Monitoring

 Math Progress Monitoring

 Progress Monitoring at the Middle School Level


Performance Matters RTI

Preparing to Write K-3 Plans and Intervention Plans in Performance Matters

How-To Guide: Writing Intervention Plans + Full Guide

How-To: Adding Progress Monitoring Results

How-To: Moving a Student or Closing an Intervention

How-To: Adding a Tier 3 Intervention

Performance Matters FAQs

Math End of Year Goals

Reading End of Year Goals

Video-How to Write Intervention Plans 

Video-Adding Progress Monitoring Results

Video-Moving a Student to a Different Intervention 


Intervention Resources

Blend-It Books

Curious About Words

Enhanced Core Reading Instruction (ECRI)-Electronic Device Version

Enhanced Core Reading Instruction (ECRI)-Print Version

Fry Fluency Phrases

Journeys Decodable Readers

Journeys Sound Spelling Cards

Kindergarten Math Screener

Reciprocal Teaching Resources

University of Oregon Blending Intervention


Supplemental Online Resources


Setting Up Waterford on D91 Chromebooks

Setting Up Waterford on a Home Computer

Imagine Math

Imagine Math-Parent Letter: English

Imagine Math-Parent Letter: Spanish

Imagine Math-Parent Portal Registration Instructions

Imagine Math-Assigning a Benchmark Assessment

Imagine Language and Literacy

Imagine Language and Literacy-Parent Letter: English

Imagine Language and Literacy-Parent Letter: Spanish


Summer Tutoring

Skills Progression and Intervention Resources

K-3 Phonics Progression 

Sound Spelling Cards Grades 1-3

Sound Spelling Cards Kindergarten

Blend-It Books

University of Oregon Blending Intervention

Literary Text Comprehension Graphic Organizer

Informational Text Comprehension Graphic Organizer

Curious About Words

Fast Mapping

4 Step Vocabulary Routine

Journeys Instructional Routines


Title I Resources for Principals

 CIP Metrics Measures

  Title 1 Student/Parent Compact (Laserfiche)

 Title 1 Student/Parent Compact (Hard Copy)

 Paraprofessionals FAQs

 Evidence Based Practice & School Improvement


Title I Forms

 Schoolwide Program Evaluation

 Targeted Assistance Program Evaluation

 Middle School Program Evaluation

 DI Voucher Request