Technology Department

We are committed to providing our students, teachers, administrators and staff the best possible
technological learning and D91 logoworking environments possible. Technology is never flawless. We know how disruptive and frustrating it is when something is not working. Our desktop support specialists and help desk specialists provide face-to-face and phone support five days a week. Support requests can be submitted 24/7.

A safe digital environment for all is a top priority for the technology department. We ensure compliance with the Child Internet Protection Act by requiring cyber safety training of all staff and mandating age-appropriate digital citizen lessons. All staff and students annually sign an acceptable use policy, promising online and offline responsible behavior.

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Why are Windows Updates Important?

It is critical to install Windows updates to protect your computer from malicious attacks. In the long run, it is also important to install software updates, not only to access new features, but also to be on the safe side in terms of security loop holes being discovered in outdated programs.

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D91 Password Recommendations

Network Passwords expire every 180 days. A password should be at least 12 characters in length and contains characters from at least three of the following categories:

  • English uppercase characters (A through Z)
  • English lowercase characters (a through z)
  • Base 10 digits (0 through 9)
  • Special characters (for example: !, $, #, %)

Using a passphrase-- -a series of random words or a sentence that is easy to remember along with numbers or special characters will help you create a secure password.  For example, “I love to read world history books for fun!” becomes “1L2rwhb4fun!”.  This password is 12 characters long containing upper, lower case, a number, and special character would take 34 thousand years to crack. Don’t use part of your username in the password.  Start thinking of your passphrase now and be prepared to create a longer and more secure password. You can test your password strength at

On a Mac remember that if the key chains contain your current password like in Outlook, to go into the account settings and reset the password there also.  

Protect Yourself From Fraudulent Email

  • Be suspicious of any email that requires "immediate action" or creates a sense of urgency.
  • Hover your mouse over the link. This will show you the true destination where you would go if you actually clicked on the link.
  • Just because you got an email from a friend does not mean they sent it. Your friend's computer may have been infected or their account may have been compromised, and malware is sending email to all of your friend's contacts.
  • Be suspicious of grammar or spelling mistakes: most business proofread their messages carefully before sending them.

If after reading an email you think is a phishing attack or scam, simply delete the email.