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Last Updated: 1/10/2022 10:34 PM

Welcome to Eagle Rock Middle School!

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Please complete a registration packet at the school or download the packet in English or Español and complete it ahead of time.

Items need for enrollment:

  • Verification of your address - i.e. Power Bill, Rental or Purchase Agreement indicating residence is in the attendance zone.
  • Withdrawal form with grades from the previous school. If enrolling before the school year starts, please bring your final report card from the last school attended or a copy of your transcript.
  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Records -  See Current Requirements
  • Legal documentation of guardianship if you are not the biological parent.


If you don't live within Eagle Rock boundaries, read the Open Enrollment Policy and fill out a waiver request.  Waiver requests are accepted from April 1 through the second Wednesday in May. Final decisions will be announced in August. Please note that state law requires waivers to be renewed every year. 

ALL class changes must be made BEFORE the beginning of a trimester unless the change is initiated by the student’s team of teachers or administration.

Students should choose their classes thoughtfully and review their upcoming schedule as each trimester nears the end. If a student desires a class change before the beginning of a trimester, they must make an appointment with the counselor for their grade-level (Mrs. Andrews: 7th grade, Miss Priest: 8th grade). Appointments can be made in the counseling office.

  • English
  • Mathematics (Math class will be determined by 6th grade performance and results of a spring placement test.)
  • Life Science
  • World Studies
  • Reading
  • Pathways (This course is designed to help students develop the skills they will need to be successful in school and life. The course will focus on goal setting, study skills, time management as well as 21st century skills such as internet usage, safety and digital citizenship.)
  • Electives (Students can earn a total of five elective credits each year. Students can choose from yearlong classes that count for three elective credits or trimester classes that each count for one elective credit.)
  • Advisory

See Course Catalog for 7th grade classes

  • English
  • Mathematics (Placement will be determined by classes taken in 7th grade.)
  • Earth Science or Physical Science (Physical science is available for students who are looking for an accelerated science track in high school with the option to take multiple AP science classes. To take this class students must have a teacher recommendation and be enrolled in Algebra I as an 8th grader.)
  • American History, Honors American History or PACE Projects (Students are placed in Honors American History based on teacher recommendations and grades in 7th grade history and reading.)
  • Health/PE/Reading (Students will take one of these classes each trimester and learn essential life skills.)
  • Electives Students can earn a total of six elective credits each year. Students can choose from yearlong classes that count for three elective credits or trimester classes that count for one elective credit.
  • Advisory

See Course Catalog for 8th grade classes





Ms. Priest

8th Grade

(208) 525-7706

Ms. Egan

7th Grade

(208) 525-7706


Mrs. Gadbois

Counseling Secretary


(208) 525-7703