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Last Updated: 11/30/2021 8:26 PM

Taylorview Media Center

Library Hours: Monday 9:20 - 3:35
Tuesday - Friday 8:20 - 3:35 (closed after school) 

Students may use the Media Center and its resources before and after school, and at lunch. A pass is required to be in the Media Center at lunch or during class.

Books are checked out for two weeks and are due on Tuesdays. Students may have up to three books out at a time. Overdue fines are five cents per day. There is no grace period for overdue books. Materials must be returned and fines cleared before more items may be checked out. However, fines may be paid with a canned food item, 1 can = $1. Also, a maximum of 15 pushups may be done towards payment of a fine. Canned food is donated to a local charity. 

The Media Center has multiple computers for student usage. Printing should be cleared through the librarian.








Penny Kimmet

Library Assistant

Angela Kohler

Angela Kohler

Library Assistant

Dana Carvo

Dana Carvo


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