One District, One Book


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Idaho Falls School District 91 once again invites you and your family to take part in our district-wide book club called One District, One Book. This year’s selection -- Frindle – is a heartwarming story about a young boy with a wild imagination and a passion for words.

The youngest child in every family attending a D91 elementary school today received a copy of the book and a reading calendar. We ask that families make time to read the book together over the next two weeks. Have your children take turns reading chapters or encourage your older children to read to their younger siblings. Research shows reading aloud helps children develop the skills they need to become effective readers.

I hope your family enjoys Frindle. If you misplace your reading calendar or want to listen to audio recordings of Frindle please see the links below. We hope this story inspires you to continue reading together as a family so we can work together to build a community of readers.


Thank you to the Maeck Family Foundation for its ongoing support to promote reading and literacy in Idaho Falls School District 91!

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List of Previous Year's Books

Audio Recordings

Ch. 1-Read by Todd Brown, Elementary Curriculum Coordinator

Ch. 2-Read by Lisa Armstrong, Secondary Curriculum Coordinator

Ch. 3-Read by Renee Coughenour, Assessment Specialist

Ch. 4-Read by Marnie Havas, Human Resource Assistant

Ch. 5-Read by Maria Chavez, Elementary Education Administrative Assistant

Ch. 6-Read by Jessica Means, Student Services Administrative Assistant

Ch. 7-Read by Brandi Moreno, Superintendent’s Administrative Assistant

Ch. 8-Read by Mistty Frost, Communications Administrative Assistant

Ch. 9-Read by Rachel Miller, K-3 Reading Intervention

Ch. 10-Read by Samantha Zollinger, Student Achievement/School Improvement Administrative Assistant

Ch. 11-Read by Corrie Harris, Secondary Education Administrative Assistant

Ch. 12-Read by Shayna Bahr, Administrative Receptionist

Ch. 13-Read by Sherri Kinkade, Human Resources Assistant

Ch. 14-Read by Robyn Holmgren, Payroll Clerk Assistant

Ch. 15-Read by KayLynn Hackett, Payroll Practioner