Advanced Learning Opportunities - Step 1

Last Updated: 9/23/2019 6:14 PM

Students interested in the Advanced Opportunities program should make sure they and their parents/guardians carefully review the program's provisions. There are many things families will want to consider before enrolling.

Students are allocated a total of $4,125.00 to use in grades 7-12. Funds can be used for: 

  • Dual credits: A maximum of $75.00 per credit
  • Examinations: Advanced Placement tests, International Baccalaureate programs, College Level Examination programs, Career Technical Education certification tests
  • Overload courses are high school classes that are taken in excess of 12 credits and outside the regular school day. Students can use up to $225.00 per course.  

All courses paid for by Fast Forward moneys MUST be transcribed on the student’s public high school transcript. If a student is not successful in an overload class or receives a poor grade in a dual enrollment class that is being paid for with Fast Forward moneys, those grades will appear on the student’s high school transcript and will be included in the student’s GPA calculation. Grades from dual enrollment classes will also appear on transcripts from the college or university issuing the credit. When a student eventually applies to a college, that college usually requests all student transcripts and may consider them as part of the students’ admissions process.

If a student fails to earn credit for a course paid for by Fast Forward, the student must pay for a “like” course on their own before he/she is eligible for further Fast Forward funding. If a student performs inadequately on an examination paid for by Fast Forward, the local school district will decide whether the student may continue utilizing Fast Forward funding, or if she/he must pay for the cost of a “like” examination before using further funds. Fast Forward funds may not be used for repeated or remedial course work.

The parent/student understands he/she will be held responsible for tuition and fees incurred as a result of participation in courses or exams taken from a college/university or other provider,and will be responsible for complying with policies and procedures set forth by the provider.

The Idaho State Department of Education will send payment for courses to the public Idaho post-secondary institution or the student’s school district. Eligibility for payment is subject to the deadlines and procedures set forth by local school district in partnership with course/exam providers. All payment requests must be submitted through the Advanced Opportunities portal according to district guidelines.

To take advantage of the Advanced Opportunities program, students and their parents/guardians must sign the Fast Forward Participation Form.

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