Monday Late Start FAQ

Last Updated: 7/18/2019 11:40 PM

Why Late Start Mondays?
Teachers use this time to study student achievement data; review and implement the new curriculum that has been developed to meet the new Idaho Core Standards; and discuss teaching strategies, best practices and interventions that will address students' specific learning needs. So, for example, teachers working together may identify one kind of instruction to help a struggling student gain proficiency in a particular subject area and another kind of instruction to help advanced students deepen their knowledge and understanding of that subject.

How will teachers work together?
Teachers are organized in groups called professional learning communities, which will work to accomplish specific goals during the year.

What is a Professional Learning Community?
A professional learning community or PLC provides a structured way for teachers to collaborate and ensure high levels of learning for all students.

How do Professional Learning Communities work?
Teachers are divided into groups or PLCs that will identify specific goals and then work to achieve those goals. Part of this work will involve a shift from a focus on teaching to a focus on learning. Learn More. This focus on learning is shaped by four critical questions:*

  • What do we want students to learn? What should each student know and be able to do as a result of each unit, grade level, and/or course?
  • How will we know if they have learned? Are we monitoring each student's learning on a timely basis?
  • What will we do if they don't learn? What systematic process is in place to provide additional time and support for students who are experiencing difficulty?
  • What will we do if they already know it?

* What Is A PLC,

Is there any research that shows this new calendar will really have an impact on student achievement?
There is extensive research about the benefits of teacher collaboration and PLCs. School districts around the country and around the state have implemented similar calendars and seen good results. 

Why can't teachers do this kind of work after school?
District administrators reviewed a number of calendar options, including calendars providing time for after-school collaboration. However, that option was not selected because teachers already have many after-school obligations such as staff meetings, meetings with students and parents, extra-curricular activities, department meetings and more. These conflicts and commitments would make it impossible for teachers to work together on a consistent basis.

Aren't students going to lose valuable instruction time with the new calendar? Wouldn't students be better off just spending more time in school?
Research shows an effective teacher has the greatest impact on student achievement. The goal of Late Start Mondays, along with the accompanying staff development plan, is to make our teachers more effective in the classroom by providing them with the tools, resources and support they need to be successful. Research shows that professional development is most effective when it is provided in an ongoing and sustained manner rather than sporadic such as teachers attending conferences or classes. For professional development to have a positive impact in the classroom, it must be embedded in the teacher's day-to-day job responsibilities, tied to the goals set by the school and the district, and focused on results.

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Late Start Mondays

A dedicated time each week to for teachers to focus on student achievement.

Making Our Teachers More Effective

Research shows an effective teacher has the greatest impact on student achievement.


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