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Old Flex Plan Provider until August 31st 2019:  American Insurance Service

School District Retirees / Spouses:

October Wellness Clinic and Flu Shots Information –

Please contact Marnie Havas, HR Assistant for on-line registration information or stop by the District Office to complete paper registration forms. Marnie can provide you a list of clinic dates/times. We have a total of 12 clinics that will run starting October 8th – October 30th.

PERSI Retirement Training Videos

READY... Geared toward members in the early career stage, it discusses what PERSI is worth to a member prior to becoming vested (watch the video here);

SET? Aimed at mid-career members, this workshop identifies how the PERSI benefit changes when the member becomes vested and covers things the member can start doing now to plan for a comfortable retirement (watch the video here); and

GO! Designed for members nearing retirement, this workshop explains options at retirement, as well as the retirement application process (watch the video here).

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Carrie Smith

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HR Assistant
Marnie Havas

HR Assistant
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