Array of Special Education Services

Last Updated: 7/22/2019 7:13 PM

Students are referred to special education after general education interventions have been exhausted. A building level child assistance team will have utilized positive behavior supports, differentiated instruction, and made appropriate curriculum modifications in the student’s general education classroom. Documentation indicating the effectiveness of these interventions will be reviewed by the child assistance team. When the child assistance team suspects a specific disability, the intervention data will be presented to the school’s evaluation team. The evaluation team (which always includes the parent) determines whether or not the child is a person with a disability and whether or not the child meets eligibility for special education under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Special education serves students ages 3-21. The IEP team determines all placements in special education. IDEA requires that placements be made in their least restrictive environment (LRE).

Special Education services are spread out through an array of services meeting the full range of abilities and needs of our students in the following areas: instruction in pre-academics, math, reading, written expression, behavior improvement, study skills, social skills, vocational training, use of assistive technology, independent living skills, daily living skills and communication skills.