Early Childhood Services

Idaho Falls School District 91 provides Early Childhood Services for preschool-aged children who are 3 or 4. Last Updated: 4/21/2022 10:18 PM

Early Childhood Peer Model Program (Tuition Based)  

Families are invited to apply to the Peer Model Program, which allows children to learn alongside similar aged friends who have developmental delays or disabilities. Sessions of this tuition-based program are held at: Hawthorne Elementary, Temple view Elementary, or Dora Erickson Elementary. Space is limited and peers are placed based on the program’s needs.   

Benefits of the early childhood program for peer models include:  learning opportunities in all areas of development, vocabulary enrichment, exposure to school readiness skills, early literacy practice, development of social skills including compassion and empathy, and development of positive perceptions of children with disabilities.  

Apply today! If you would like your child to be part of this special program, please complete Part 1(Spanish) and Part 2(Spanish) of the Peer Model Application.  Return the completed application to the information listed below. 


Early Childhood Special Education Service

Early Childhood Special Education service(s) are based on special education eligibility requirements and provided for children who live within D91’s boundaries. Services are designed to remediate a child’s significant developmental delay(s) and are determined by an Individual Education Program team. D91 strives to program individually for students within their natural early childhood environments.

Check my Child’s Developmental Milestones (Spanish)

If you have concerns about your child’s development, please contact the Early Childhood Special Education Office.  

Mikelann Beckvold  
Phone:  208-525-7563
Fax:  208.525.7598
E-mail:  beckmike@sd91.org

Christina Adams  
E-mail:  adamchri@sd91.org