Last Updated: 4/18/2019 5:50 PM

In accordance with Federal and Idaho laws, all applicants (classified and certified) must have completed federal forms and a required background check before they are allowed to start a position.   All new hires are required to contact Human Resources at (208) 525-7335 or (208)525-7555 to schedule an appointment to complete all required documentation prior to their first day of work.

Certified Applicants
To be considered for a certified position, an applicant must possess the following qualifications. Original documents will need to be submitted at the time of hire.

  • A bachelor's degree from a fully accredited college or university via Official University Transcripts.
  • A valid IDAHO teacher credential for the appropriate grade level and content area.​


Paraprofessionals (Instructional Assistants & Aides)
Paraprofessionals employed in a Title I school, as a Title I Tutor, ELL Tutor or Resource Room Aide must provide proof of their highly qualified status.  In order to be “highly qualified”, paraprofessionals must meet one of the following requirements:

  1. A minimum of 32 college credits via university transcripts.

  2. Successful completion of the Paraprofessional Exam (460 or Higher).  The ETS Paraprofessional Assessment test will be scheduled after an offer of employment. Study guides are available upon request.