The Place to GROW! 

Last Updated: 4/18/2019 6:00 PM

Idaho Falls School District 91 knows how important it is to support teachers, especially new teachers, so we do everything we can to help teachers thrive.

Support for New Teachers

  • Every new teacher has the chance to participate in the district’s New Teacher Induction. The late summer institute provides teachers with an overview of curriculum and state standards, as well as tips on classroom management, creating successful learners and partnering with parents.
  • Mentors provide new teachers with ongoing support, advice and suggestions.
  • Instructional coaches are available to help teachers perfect their craft. Our coaches offer job-embedded support in literacy, math, classroom management and instructional technology.

Ongoing Support for Teachers

  • Our professional learning communities provide teachers districtwide a chance to collaborate, learn from each other and work together to increase student achievement.
  • We strive to engage our students with the very best instruction and we encourage our teachers to innovate. In our district you will find: project-based instruction in a technology rich environment, a wide variety of blended classes, and simulations to teach social studies in our elementary schools.

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