The Place to TEACH!

Last Updated: 4/18/2019 6:00 PM

Idaho Falls School District 91 believes teachers are the key to increasing student achievement in the key areas of Literacy, Numeracy and College and Career Readiness.

  • Our Late Start Monday calendar guarantees teachers at least an hour of dedicated collaboration time every week to work with colleagues.
  • Using the Professional Learning Communities model, teachers districtwide focus on critical issues connected to student learning.
  • In our secondary schools, we also have Literary Design Collaboratives at work to increase students’ literacy skills and Math Design Collaboratives to increase students’ numeracy skills.
  • The district understands the importance of a strong curriculum. A team of curriculum coordinators works with teachers to ensure the successful implementation of a curriculum that is aligned to state standards, complete with K-6 Learning Targets.
  • Teachers in District 91 have access to student data to help drive classroom instruction. Resources available to teachers include the Renaissance Learning assessment system and Milepost, a digital backpack of sorts.
  • The district has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last few years into classroom technology. It also has updated school infrastructure to support that technology, and has provided professional development to help teachers utilize it in their classrooms. 

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