Zone 1 Boundary Description

Last Updated: 5/3/2022 10:23 PM

Beginning at Broadway and Yellowstone Streets. Northeast on Yellowstone becoming Northgate Mile to the district boundary. North on district boundary to about Iona Rd. West on district boundary to 5th East (Lewisville Hwy). Continuing north on district boundary along Lewisville Hwy to its northeast corner. Continuing west on district boundary to the point east of the Snake River where it begins to parallel the Snake River to the north and northwest. Continuing along the district boundary paralleling the Snake River to its northernmost point. West on the district boundary to the eastern bank of the Snake River. South along eastern bank of the Snake River to 33rd North. West across the Snake River along 33rd North extended west to its intersection with 33rd North on the west side of I-15. Continuing west on 33rd North to the city limits of the City of Idaho Falls. Following the city limits in a stair step fashion west and south to 26th West. South and then southwest on 26th West to the Hoff Lateral. South along Hoff Lateral to Grandview Rd. extended southwest along the city limits. Northeast along the city limits to Grandview Rd. to Skyline. South on Skyline to I-15. Northeasterly along I-15 to Broadway. East on Broadway to beginning.