Zone 3 Boundary Description

Last Updated: 5/3/2022 10:23 PM

Beginning at the district boundary at approximately 11300 S and 35th E. (Ammon Road.) North along the District 91 boundary in irregular steps to 12th South. ( District boundary runs north to 8325 S.; then east to approximately 3750 E; then north to 7931 S.; then west to 35th E; then north to 5750 S.; then west to 25th E; then north to 49th S; then west to 15th E; then north to 33 S; then east to 20th E (Meppen Canal); then north to 12th St.) West along 12th South to Nixon St. North on Nixon to Gallop. West on Gallop to Woodruff. North on Woodruff to 9th South. West on 9th South to Lincoln. South on Lincoln a short distance to Bonneville. Southwest on Bonneville to 12th South. West on 12th South to Holmes. South on Holmes and South Holmes to 73rd South. West on 73rd South 1st Ave. East. South on 1st Ave. East to the district boundary at 97th South. East on district boundary and 97th South to the Idaho Canal South on the district boundary and the Idaho Canal to the district boundary at about 113 South. East on district boundary (113) to beginning.